Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meet Joe Pothier of Massachusetts. A pathetic bully, an egocentric bag of garbage that empowers himself by abusing people emotionally, feeding off their fear by bullying and stalking them.  He likes to present himself as a family man to save face among his friends, hiding his sickening habit instead of confronting his own behavior and accepting responsibility for his actions, to change for the better. Instead, he chooses to continue this disturbing cycle.  He's a glutton and is only loyal to himself. Women are just cattle to this overgrown child.  He has two daughters, and he treats them like boys, he wants to raise them in his image.

At the end of the day, Joe is nothing more than a coward and a bladder full of hot air.  Joe thinks he's a real man because of his size and ego.  A real man has character,  a real man is honest with others and himself.  A real man is loyal to his love, that refuses to deviate from them, that chooses to remain by their side through thick and thin. A real man doesn't throw his weight around and threaten others to satiate their need to feel superior. Joe Pothier has no clue what loyalty and being a real man is.

Actions speak louder than words. Stop abusing peoples emotions. Take responsibility for your actions, accept change for the better and be that change. Love the one you're with, and prove that love. Be a better parent to your children. Raise them to be respectable women. They don't need to live life being overgrown tomboys like daddy.

You want to keep up with this grade school behavior, abusing peoples emotions, stalking them because you fail at being a man?

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